Emotional Lamp

A Project by Yifat Shaik, Done for OCAD DFI Master Program

First a short introduction: My original project idea was to create a Tic Tac Toe game, that once you win a small with a cookie in it opens up. I was using the instructions in this tutorial: http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-and-Touchpad-Tic-Tac-Toe/

Quite quickly I decided to switch up the LED lamps to a LED Matrix Board, with the thought that it will probably look a lot better, and to change the final result to a light show on the LED (the idea was to have the LED Matrix saying “you Win”).

Then realized that I would not be able to finish this project in a week (it requires I will probably need at least a month to finish it). I did finish to write the code, even if I am not sure how correct it is cause I couldn’t test it.


so after, realizing I can’t do this project. I decided to create a small emotion board, using the led board. The idea was to use a Led Matrix Board and three bottons, that when pressing them you will get a positive massage (“I ❤ U”, “THANK U” and a beating heart) on the Led Board.

Like before, I wrote a code (this time unfortunately there are some errors in it)

Mood Board Code

Eventually I realized that with my luck of knowledge and time, wiring a 8X8 Led Board will be to complex to the time I have and to my area of expertise.

So after some deliberation with Nick, I decided to create an Emotion Lamp, which will allow you to separately light each emotion according to your current mode, using a button.

The Emotions are:

  1. Silly
  2. Playful
  3. Mad
  4. Surprised
  5. Crying
  6. Sad
  7. Confused
  8. Crazy
  9. Sick
  10. Happy

Because of luck of space on bread board (it had enough space for 10 led lights, but it will mean my Emotion Lamp will be too small. So it was suggested to make the LED Lights sit inside a paper cube, with the different emotions on them .


Mood Lamp Code

I also created a different code, which makes the light go in a sequence (a kind of a Knight Rider code). In theory (and if I had more time the sequence can be modified any way I wanted to- including different timings and led brightness)

Knight Rider Code

The idea was to combine the two code, that by the 11th click you get the Knight Rider code, and the 12th click you make the light go off. I did get the knight rider code in, but for some reason it didn’t stop once you clicked again.

Final result:

and now a brand new instruction video:

some reflections for the future:

Originally I was planning to have different lights for each mode, but thinking that some of the LED colours might be weaker then the others (like green for example), I decided that for now one colour will be fine- I choose red, cause the light was very strong (so it could be seen better inside the paper boxes). Red was probably not the right choice- being a very distinctive colour, and very distinctive to one specific emotion. I should have stayed with my original idea, or put a white led inside- but it was too late and everything was already attached.

there was also a criticism that the plant/boxes should be more organized, while I accept that criticism I do actually like the messy look that was created- I think it will create more interaction with the lamp.